Cost effective voyage repairs

MSI has repaired and upgraded more than 300 ships since 1995. As the largest operator of UHP blasting equipment in the marine market, MSI blasts and recoats any area internally or externally on vessels and can carry out all possible class approved steel repairs...
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Safe and high quality repairs on station

MSI specializes in repair and life-extensions of FPSO and FSO units world-wide. As a full service provider of steel and coating repairs, MSI offers experienced and multi-skilled crews and the most advanced tools for...
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About MSI

Mobile shipyard services since 1995

MSI has almost 20 years of experience from maintenance and repairs of marine assets world-wide. ISO certified by DNV since 2006 and with a solid safety record, MSI’s teams of coating and steel specialists are available world-wide for projects of any size.
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Contact Us

Working worldwide from a number of offices

MSI has its headquarters in Drøbak, Norway, as well as permanent operations in Norway, Singapore, Nigeria & Brasil. MSI has recently expanded into Brazil, supporting offshore operations from Rio de Janeiro.
Our team will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.
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MSI has 20 years of experience operating mobile shipyard services world-wide. MSI is able to repair and renew steel, blast and apply new protective coatings and carry out other required repairs and modifications on ships and units not able to use conventional shipyards for the required work. In addition to carrying out our won repairs, MSI also offers certified Steel and Coating Inspectors for planning and executing dry-dockings and other related projects.

MSI’s client base include oil majors, regional oil companies, ship-owners, oil & gas producers, FPSO/FSO owners/operators and marine contractors world-wide.

Headquartered in Drøbak, Norway, MSI manages the whole supply-chain from design through to completion.

MSI is serving two markets: Offshore Oil & Gas and Shipping. Based on an agreed Scope of Work, MSI will mobilize specialized labor and Supervisors (welders, pipe-fitters, hydro-blasters, spray-painters etc.) and all equipment, materials, spare parts and consumables needed to the ship of offshore unit and carry out qualified and class approved repairs onboard while the unit is in full operation.

The projects range in size from the small such as blasting and recoating a slop-tank to the large like renewing 100’s of tons of structural steel and blasting and coating 50000+ SQM of cargo tank and ballast tank areas on FPSO.

Besides the normal cropping and renewing steel and blasting and coating work, MSI also repairs or replaces pipes from 36” ballast lines to 12 mm SS 316 hydraulic lines and alu-brass heating coils/risers and expands and upgrades living accommodations which is frequently required on FPSO’s and FSO’s.

All of MSI’s crew members are fully trained and qualified in their fields, but they are also multi-skilled and work as a team carrying out the various tasks required to complete a project with a minimum of crew change-out underway in the project.

Thus the same team will be able to de-muck, clean, erect scaffolding, use rope access, hydro-blast and spray-paint external or internal surfaces. This makes the operation self-sufficient and independent on external support and able to efficiently carry out projects thousands of miles away from the “home office”.

MSI brings 20 years of specialized skills to your project and we are proud of the quality and efficiency we bring to the geographically challenging locations where MSI carry out corrosion repairs and preventive maintenance which remains the main focus of most of MSI’s projects world-wide.
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